Manager Builder for OT Cordys

When developing a business function like Contract Management, Purchasing, Inventory Management, etc, there can be quite a number of related UI’s. Think of UI’s for configuration, master data setup, viewing invoice data, UI’s for processing invoices, utilities, reports, BAM, etc. Rather than having many individual UI task items or UI’s with lot of tabs, alternatively […]

Composite Control Development in OT Cordys

  Some background and basics

Cordys UI development enables development of ‘desktop-like’ UI’s running in a browser. Development itself is also browser hosted. In Cordys UI development, 2 layers can be distinguished as important to Application Developers: Web Toolkit and XForms. Web Toolkit is a library of components by which html can be enriched. It […]

User Admin for Cordys

Sharing a utility to manage users in Cordys, enabling better overview and faster interaction. Features include:

create, clone, update, delete users role/task/team assignments in one shot multiple user management import/export users synchronize users from external directory (like Active Directory)

A 3-layered Java API is included (UI, domain, Cordys layers), hosted in WS-AppServer.

Google Code: […]

WS-AppServer BusObject Mapping (3)

In last post, we had a look at mapping a database query result to a BusObject. This post lists you the WS-AppServer facilities which you can use for mapping data into a target BusObject, taken from a source XML or source BusObject/BusObjects. Suppose you are getting data from an Enterprise Information System. The data structure […]

WS-AppServer BusObject Mapping (2)

This post shows you about mapping between DB and BusObjects. Suppose we have next 2 tables in our DB:

Upper case is used as per Oracle convention, and the tables names do have a prefix to indicate the application the tables belong to (customer practice). For our WS-AppServer generated standard classes, we […]

WS-AppServer BusObject Mapping (1)

Suppose you are involved in a Cordys project with a good amount of detailed business logic to be developed in WS-AppServer, UI development, and data storage in some RDBMS and/or External Information System. You will need to come up with the database model (relational modeling), the domain model (OO modeling), UI’s, etc, typically resulting in […]

Cordys WS-AppServer

In Cordys projects, I have 2 ‘secret’ weapons. The first one is to optimally leverage all the Cordys direct and inherent constructs, features and infrastructure to resolve the business problem, and to exploit its model-driven architecture to the max. This way, you outperform conventional development, and inherit other (future) Cordys functionality and features on top. […]

Gantt Chart in Cordys

To some extent, the Cordys platform offers a direct support for charting (single/multi-series, gauge, BAM charts). Your project though might require extended support/other types of graphs. For example, the requirement might come up to depict the timeline of a BPM/Case process into a Gantt Chart.


Claim Timeline

The Cordys platform comes with a […]