Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Karel Ekema, working as a freelance Enterprise Application Developer. My focus is on Case Management, Business Process Management and Data-centric Applications, applying Cordys BOP + Java or Metastorm + .NET. I’m internationally oriented, working on the edge between business and IT in high-end enterprise IT environments. In particular, I’m also interested in applying Business Logic Frameworks and ORM tools like Cordys WS-Apps, Microsoft Entity Framework and the CSLA framework.

What will you find in this blog? If you are interested in the areas which  I mentioned, or you are developing in Cordys or Metastorm, pay a visit from time to time as I try to publish some interesting articles for you. It can be conceptual stuff like Case Management backgrounds, Cordys/Metastorm development articles, articles on Enterprise Application Development at large, working in cultural diverse settings, etc. etc. I just finished off a small open source widget for using Gantt charts in Cordys, so I’ll kick off on that and make it the first real article. Hope you enjoy reading this blog, and let me know your comments!

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