WS-AppServer BusObject Mapping (3)

In last post, we had a look at mapping a database query result to a BusObject. This post lists you the WS-AppServer facilities which you can use for mapping data into a target BusObject, taken from a source XML or source BusObject/BusObjects. Suppose you are getting data from an Enterprise Information System. The data structure […]

WS-AppServer BusObject Mapping (2)

This post shows you about mapping between DB and BusObjects. Suppose we have next 2 tables in our DB:

Upper case is used as per Oracle convention, and the tables names do have a prefix to indicate the application the tables belong to (customer practice). For our WS-AppServer generated standard classes, we […]

WS-AppServer BusObject Mapping (1)

Suppose you are involved in a Cordys project with a good amount of detailed business logic to be developed in WS-AppServer, UI development, and data storage in some RDBMS and/or External Information System. You will need to come up with the database model (relational modeling), the domain model (OO modeling), UI’s, etc, typically resulting in […]